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How cinnamon honey helps in weight loss

Honey is collected from the agricultural farms of tamilnadu and Western ghats region. And pure cinnamon powder is infused to the honey in right proportion for enhancing the medicinal values thereby gives better results. Cinnamon gives a beautiful aroma and unique taste to the honey

This has been used in oriental and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Cinnamon is a significant source of calcium and iron two teaspoons of which contains 5% of daily recommended intake (DRI) of calcium, 2% DRI of iron and 40% DRI of manganese.
Cinnamon honey is suitable for all the age groups, especially for people who wants to reduce their weight. It is mainly used in weight management as it lowers bad cholesterol level by 6% . Consuming the honey regularly in diet helps reduceing risks of developing heart diseases, greyness and thinning of hair, also prevents hair loss.
Use cinnamon honey in luke warm water every morning continuosly for 3 months to get better results. Not recommended for Infants below 1 year age.

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