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Honey rich in pollen and its benefits

Here I articulate, the importance and constituents of pollen and what are the beneficiation to human body and how does we able to acquire through natural honey…

We are diligently worked and learned from the experienced tribals and bee keepers on a sustainable and non-intrusive way of harvesting 100% natural and pure honey, because that’s the only possibility to accumulate pollen in honey. By that only we are able ingest pollens and get benefits through it.

While climbing the flowers for suck up the nectars, the pollens are Sticked to the legs, stomach and the body of the bees because of the fur in the body. They have millions of micro hairs throughout the body, even it have hairs on their eyes too. Their hairs are also called as Pollen baskets which lashes enormous amount of pollens and later on it should be shredded on the honey. It makes the honey as high protein foodand the pure honey should contain pollen upto1.5% percent of total weight If we compared it with by volume it may upto4-5%.

Generally air dried pollens have 32.8% of proteins, including essential amino acids, 11,5%, and reducing sugars, 40,7%, including sucrose, 3,7%, lipids, 12,8%, vitamin C, 0,19%. The highest available protein content food is turkey breast (29 percent). Many of us can’t afford that one. But honey is easily affordable… Bee tribes is here to bring with prosper and love in a affordable range.

Studies have linked bee pollen and its compounds to health benefits such as decreased inflammation, as well as improved immunity, menopausal symptoms and wound healing. Proteins have a high capability to enhance our forging immunity. It helps to fight against all kind of diseases causing agents.

Now, that you know the importance of pollens and how it contribute via proteins to immune system and the process of obtainment.

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